In the document below, we have listed select attorneys from our office along with their areas of specialization. These attorneys have years of experience and are available to speak to reporters, journalists and other members of the media. When you have a question regarding the legal industry give our Akron attorneys a call.

Our attorneys are also available to speak your organization, group or company. Recently, our attorneys have spoken to banks, employers and non-profit's throughout Akron and Cleveland on topics of business succession planning, estate planning and The Family and Medical Leave Act. These are just a few of the areas in which our attorneys have spoken. To schedule a speaking engagement with one of our attorneys please contact John Krajewski at 330-376-3300.

If you have a general inquiry regarding Stark & Knoll, need a logo, headshot or additional information regarding our firm or one of our attorneys please call or e-mail John Krajewski at 330-376-3300, or

Download Media Contact List (PDF)