Business today is changing from the traditional brick and mortar establishments of Main Street to the vast and rapidly developing opportunities in cyberspace. Those rapid changes can cause a great deal of uncertainty for many businesses in making this important transition. As many businesses are learning, these increasing opportunities do not occur in a vacuum. Rather, operating a business on the internet introduces various legal issues that need qualified counsel and advice.

Stark & Knoll represents clients in this transition process and advises clients on how to manage these legal issues in this rapidly developing environment. Our attorneys provide advice to clients on how to limit their liability in doing business on the web, how to protect their intellectual property and how to handle other e-commerce issues. Our attorneys recognize the need to balance these important legal risks and issues with the practicalities of maintaining and operating a successful e-business.

Stark & Knoll's experience in representing clients in this area includes:

  • Web -Site Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policies
  • Social Networking and Communications Policies including, Twitter and Facebook
  • Web Site Linking Agreements
  • Web Site Development and Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration and Transfers
  • License Agreements for Intellectual Property
  • Software License and Click-Wrap Agreements
  • Click-Wrap Agreements
  • Trademark and Copyright Registration and Protection
  • Employee Handbook Policies (i.e. E-mail and internet use)
  • Tax Planning for Web Site Businesses
  • ASP Business Arrangements