Now, more than ever, Stark & Knoll’s representation of its business clients would not be complete without the ability to represent them against today’s increasing illegal corporate business activities. Regulations governing today’s businesses now allow governments to pursue them for criminal or civil penalties or both, often for what appear to be mere technical violations without any criminal intent. These are sometimes known as “strict liability offenses” and can be detrimental to a business and its owners.

We have experience defending businesses, their officers and owners, in both state and federal courts. We have also defended multiple clients facing civil penalties and claims in negotiations with state and federal agencies. With the increase in these claims and investigations it is important to be proactive in the protection of your company and its officers. If a government agency comes to the door, it is a good idea to get Stark & Knoll involved right away.

David W. Hilkert
Richard P. Schroeter
Gordon D. Woolbert II